Scout and Honour is a home goods, accessories and gift based brand founded by a team of sisters, Mary and Lizzi Bradley, in Austin, Texas.

Our products feature original designs and patterns as we strive to create work that is beautiful, functional, and cherish-able for years to come.

All textile printing is done in our studio in Austin. With an emphasis on style and craftsmanship, we only select high quality materials. In this way, we hope that the quality and classic style allow these products to transcend trends and become integral pieces in your home or wardrobe. 

We believe in being honourable; in the work we create, the relationships we cultivate, and in the world around us. A portion of our profits is donated to help bring clean water, food, housing, and education to the poor and vulnerable in Haiti. By purchasing goods from Scout and Honour, you bring honour and help to the people of Haiti as well. It is our hope that our goods inspire you to honour others in your own way.